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The roaring 2030s - A hydrogen acceleration story 

December 5, 2023 I 5:30 - 8:00 pm GST

What does the hydrogen economy look like in the 2030s? What is required to spark “Roaring 2030s in Hydrogen”?

We would like to spark a global discussion among executives about a strategic, long-term picture for the pivotal hydrogen sector.

And we would be thrilled to have you participate in this debate! At this year’s COP28, Roland Berger offers a forum for decision makers to shape our joint understanding of the hydrogen future.

Based on a concrete and sobering picture of the hydrogen economy in 2030, we paint a picture of the need for acceleration of the hydrogen economy beyond 2030 to establish a truly global H2 ecosystem with large scale production, transportation, and offtake.

The event will build on a "future-oriented" RB H2 study. We will discuss with executives from the global hydrogen space their view on the roaring 2030s. As thought leaders in the hydrogen space, we will jointly go beyond the immediate challenges, looking ahead at what needs to happen for hydrogen to enable exponential decarbonization.

We invite you to join us on Tuesday evening, December 5, at the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel in Dubai for an exclusive gathering focused on insightful exchange and discussion.


  • 5:30 pm
  • 6:00 pm 
    Welcome & "Introduction to the Roaring 2030s" study
  • 6:15 pm 
    The hydrogen economy in 2030 - Snapshot of the hydrogen economy at the end of the decade 
  • 06:30 pm
    The roaring 2030s - A thought-provoking story of the next decade
  • 07:00 pm
    Networking & Cocktail

Location: OAnjo restaurant -Sheraton Dubai, Mall of the Emirates, UAE 

Setting: Relaxed reception with cocktails and light bites

Date & Time: Tuesday, December 5, 5:30 pm GST

Speaker: Coming soon - stay tuned for updates!

Please sign up for our event by using our event RSVP form. Please also note that the number of places is very limited. First come, first served basis.

We very much look forward to seeing you at the event.

Best regards,

Yvonne Ruf,  Vatche KourkejianUwe Weichenhain
Senior Partners,  Roland Berger




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