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The Road to Fleet Electrification
Thursday, October 6, 2022 I 5:00 pm CEST/ 10:00 am CDT/ 11:00 am EDT

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As the world pushes to meet reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets at a rapid pace, fleet operators are faced with the issue of electrifying their fleets. However, company management and boards often underestimate the challenge, depth, and complexity of the transformation that this seemingly “simple” step entails, and expectations surrounding electrification speed, costs, and complexity are often unrealistic.

Rather than just being seen as a substitutive process, companies much approach fleet electrification as a full-fledged organizational transformation, planned and executed in conjunction with other GHG-reducing measures. Roland Berger has been at the forefront of enabling companies to manage their strategic fleet electrification transformation.

Please join us for our webinar "The Road to Fleet Electrification" on Thursday, Oct. 6, where our experts will:

  • Share their insights on what a successful fleet electrification journey entails
  • Discuss the tenets companies must consider including planning for disruptive, rather than incremental business changes; and the need to build scenarios that balance returns and investments, and which apply clear trade-offs between financial implications, operational aspects, and strategic imperatives
  • Present an overview of Roland Berger's Fleet Electrification Strategy Toolkit

Please register to join us – and learn how to get started on your fleet electrification journey!
Kind regards,
Rahul Gangal, Senior Partner, Roland Berger
Didier Bréchemier, Senior Partner, Roland Berger
Dragos Fundulea, Principal, Roland Berger


 Roland Berger


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