NGM Power Hour

Would you like to know more about NGM?

We offer a free “Power Hour” for selected clients to introduce Next Generation Manufacturing to you and your organization. The online session is hosted by our expert team together with optional industry expert(s).

Our session will introduce you to the six key trends in Next Generation Manufacturing and how they can help your organization gain a competitive advantage. We'll highlight how digitalization, location, sustainability, individualization, populism and industry disruption impact the manufacturing landscape, and offer selected best practices as inspiration.

Our inspirational „Power Hour“ covers:

  • Introduction to Next Generation Manufacturing as a framework for differentiation
  • Manufacturing insights and best practices
  • Discussion and next steps for Next Generation Manufacturing in your organization


Register for your free “Power Hour” and discover how to stay ahead with your manufacturing.

Responsible Partners


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Oliver Knapp
Senior Partner
Roland Berger

Oliver Knapp is a Senior Partner in Roland Berger’s Stuttgart office. He co-leads the Operations practice, the global Procurement practice and the global PMI Desk. He joined the company in 2000 and enjoys working in close collaboration with clients to develop creative solutions and deliver sustainable change. 



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Bernhard Langefeld
Senior Partner
Roland Berger

Bernhard Langefeld is a Senior Partner in Operations in Frankfurt. He joined Roland Berger in 2011 and advises clients on production (lean, network optimization, factory planning, etc.), Industry 4.0 and IoT, advanced manufacturing, and 3D printing.