Roland Berger Radical



Tired of endless performance initiatives?
Get to the root causes of the problem – with the Roland Berger RADICAL approach

Over the years, traditional automotive OEMs have become highly skilled at running performance initiatives, from platform modularizations to reorganization programs. Yet, they still find themselves at a disadvantage compared to new competitors with greenfield architectures and organizational setups. More often than not – and despite their best efforts – their performance initiatives go with a pop, rather than a bang.

RADICAL thinking meets agile implementation

With disruptions shaking the automotive industry and now the added challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, executives need a far more radical approach. The Roland Berger RADICAL framework questions everything that automotive OEMs think they know, and in so doing helps them prepare for the post-COVID-19 future. It incorporates three key perspectives or "lenses" through which the organization can challenge the status quo, find answers to crucial questions and generate radical ideas. Critically, it employs a high-impact team that we call a "Brainpool", tasked with understanding the root causes of the challenges facing the company, generating radical solutions, evaluating their benefits and feasibility, and transferring selected solutions to the line organization for implementation.

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