Circular Economy

Think:Act Magazine issue no. 37

Business as usual doesn’t cut it anymore as we burn through the world’s limited resources. There is little time left to switch from a linear to a circular economy, requiring action on a global scale to replace the old take-make-waste model. A more sustainable approach will not only save the planet, but is also good business.
Read the new issue of Think:Act to learn who’s exploring and already succeeding with circular approaches such as modular design and extending the lifespan of products. Additionally, discover why former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi is calling on companies and governments to help working women and their families thrive. Finally, see what bestselling author Daniel Pink — who has made a career exploring our complex relationship with work, productivity, and creativity — has to say on how timing impacts our performance.
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Transitioning to the Re:economy


PepsiCo ex-CEO Indra Nooyi on the balancing act between work and family


Author Daniel Pink explains the relationship between timing and productivity