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Power-Hour Webinar: Hitting the "Sweet Spot"- Product Cost Optimization 

June 26th, 2024 I 5:00 - 6:00 pm CEST 

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In today’s competitive and volatile market landscape, manufacturing companies face rising challenges when aiming to achieve and sustain product profitability while satisfying customer requirements. A holistic design-to-value approach is therefore crucial to tailor your product offering.

Instead of joining the "race-to-the-bottom" by just lowering prices, finding the product cost range that customers are actually willing to pay for a product that meets their ideal value proposition can make the difference. By optimizing product cost, features, and pricing towards the customer’s “sweet spot”, companies can achieve higher margins while increasing customer loyalty and market share.

We consider three perspectives – market, value and cost –to identify the "sweet spot". It is essential to build a holistic understanding of the market dynamics and customer preferences. Based on this knowledge, we aim to balance cost-effective engineering parameters with customer requirements as early as possible in the process. Additionally, all efficiency potential across the entire value chain need to be considered and leveraged through cross-functional efforts. 
By following this approach, we have delivered product optimization projects with significant cost savings and market potential for various clients across industries with cost savings reaching from 20% to 40% and revenue increases of 10-15%.

So join us for our exclusive webinar where we will share our expertise and insights exploring specific strategic levers and learn more about how we can support you to identify the "sweet spot" for your products!

Looking forward welcoming you to our session!

Jochen Gleisberg
Senior Partner, Operations

Lukas Hofmann
Partner, Operations




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