Unwinding the complexity of software costs


Webinar: "Unwinding the complexity of software costs" 

June 20th, 2024 I 3:00 - 3:45 pm CEST 

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Software serves as the backbone of countless embedded systems, powering everything from industrial controls, medical devices to automotive technology. Its role in ensuring the functionality, performance, and reliability of these systems cannot be overstated. Yet, understanding the intricacies of embedded software costs remains elusive for many companies.

In our virtual exchange, we provide insights into the cost drivers of embedded software. Despite software’s critical importance, many companies lack the necessary insights to decipher the true drivers of software costs. We explore how the bill of materials for embedded software encompasses in-house development, third-party custom solutions, and standard license-based software.

Join us as we uncover the veil of uncertainty surrounding embedded software expenses. Discover why companies struggle to accurately estimate and optimize the cost of their software, despite advancements in hardware cost optimization. Gain valuable insights into strategies for navigating the complexities of embedded software cost and unlocking potential savings.

Register now and empower your organization to make informed decisions that drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness in embedded system development.

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Impulse speech: Roland Berger’s view on embedded software cost
  • Case study 
  • Q&A & Discussion


Please note that the number of participants is limited, so early registration is strongly recommended!


Looking forward welcoming you to our session!

Carsten Bock, Senior Partner Operations, Advanced Technology Center Lead
Stefan Riederle, Partner Industrials, Advanced Technology Center – Software Cluster management team
Frederik Eilers, Principal, Advanced Costing management team




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